Upcoming AT&T DirecTV NOW Android TV streaming box - here is the interface

NOVEMBER 19, 2018 by Z.K.

AT&T started inviting DirecTV Now users to test its upcoming Android TV streaming set-top box. Selected DirecTV Now subscribers have been asked to test the device for "about six months".

This is our first look at the interface which is what we call an Android TV 'Operator Tier' launcher. It allows for UX and UI customisations by AT&T. There are some Android TV guidelines that must be followed, but otherwise operators have a high degree of freedom to define a unique look and feel. This is a good option for operators that wish to differentiate the user experience.

The C71KW runs on top of Android TV 8.0 with a Broadcom BCM7271 SoC. There are 2 manufacturers, Samsung and WNC. Netflix is said to be available in the coming months as it's awaiting certification.

Let's see what this box has to offer.

Here the first screen you'll see after your first login.

After that, the device will always start to Live TV. (Live picture is black here as it didn't capture it)

Different tabs are available, this is the Guide and you can change how it's sorted (alpha, numeric, based on DIRECTV channel numbers)

The Watch Now tab

The My Library tab with your recordings

The Discover tab

Access to your downloaded apps and the Play Store. It's Android TV so competitors' apps aren't blocked.

The Search interface

And finally the Settings have been completely revamped and don't look like the standard one