Android TV Televisions

Google Certified ATV Televisions

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Aconatic - 32HS521AN, 43HS521AN, 55RS543AN, 65RS543AN, etc

Alhafidh - 50Q8, 55Q8, 65Q8, 49S2, 55S2, etc

Allview - 43ePlay6100-F, 50ATA6000-U, 58ATA6000-U, etc -

Aqua Japan - LE43AQT6600FG, LE50AQT6600UG, LE55AQT6600UG, etc

Bang & Olufsen - Beovision 14, Beovision Horizon (TP-Vision Platform)

Bauhn (ALDI Australia) - ATV65UHDG-1019 (Haier Platform)

Beko - B40L, B49L, B55L

Casper - 65EG8000, 55UG6000, 43FG5000, etc (TCL Platform)

CG Inspiring Life - CG43DJ06S, etc (TCL Platform)

Changhong - Q6A, Q6K, Q6N, G7N, F8, G7NT, G6T, G5T, G5C, etc

CHiQ - H9, H10, H7A, etc (Changhong Ai Pont)

ClassPro (by eXtra) - CGS58UHD, CGS55UHD, CGS65UHD, etc

Condor Electronics - U65T8500, U55T8500, etc

Continental Edison - CELED50SA20B3, CELED55SA20B3, CELED65SA20B3, etc

Cosmos - Outdoor TV (by Evervue)


Element - E4STA5017, E4STA5517 (SoC: MStar T12)

Erito - LTV-3207, LTV-4302, LTV-5002, LTV-5502 (TCL Platform)

Estla - AN650UHD, AN750UHD

F&U - FLA6520UH, FLA5520UH, FLA4320UH, etc

Funai - FL-55U5030, FL-55U3330, FL-65U5030, etc

G-Guard - GG-55 HUA Pro, GG-50HUA Traveller, GG-58HUA Traveller, etc

Haier - U6900, K6600 Series, etc

Hisense - H10E, H9E Plus, H9F, U9F, H8F, etc

Hitachi - 55HAL7150, 43HAK6150, 65HAK6150, etc

Hyundai - H-LED55U701BS2S, H-LED65EU8000, H-LED55EU7008, etc

iFFALCON (by TCL) - 55K2A, etc

InFocus TV - IN-43UA80FA, IN-55UA80FA, IN-65UA80FA, etc

Innos - S5520GG, S6520GG, S7520GG, S8620GG, etc

Intex (TCL Platform)

JVC - Elite UHD VA8900, VA6900, etc

Kodak (India) - 43CA2022, 50CA7077, 55CA0909, 65CA0101

Konka (US) - H3, U5, Q7, X11

LeEco - uMax85, Super4 X Series

Level - HDA9032, etc

Lloyd - L65U2D0KA, L55U2C0KA, etc

MarQ by Flipkart - 43SAFHD, 55SAUHD, 65SAUHD, etc

Metz Blue - S9A, G2A, etc (Skyworth Platform)

Micromax - 49TA7000UHD, 55TA7000UHD, etc (TCL & ChangHong Platforms)

Motorola - 43SAUHDM, 55SAUHDM, etc

Onida - 4K UIC Series, etc

OnePlus - OnePlus TV Q1 Series, etc

ok. (Mediamarkt) - ODL 32760HN, etc

Orca Kuwait

Orient - LED50OT-G5S (TCL Platform)

Panasonic - 49FX550V, 55FX650V, etc

Philco - PH65G60DSGWAG, etc

Pixela - PIX-43VP100, PIX-55VP100


Prism - A43i, A50i, A55i, A65i

QBell - QT32GX03, QT55GX23, etc

RCA - XC32SM, XC40SM, RTA3201, RS43F2-EU, etc

Saba - SBA43UHD194, SBA55UHD194, etc

Sanyo (India) - XT-55A081U, XT-65A081U, etc

Sceptre - A322BV-SRC, A550CV-UMC, A650CV-UMC, etc

Seiki Svision - SVU6500G, SVU5800G, SVU5000G

Sharp - AQUOS XU Series, UE630X Series, LE580X Series, etc

Shinon - SH65F8, SH65F9, SH86G6K, etc (Changhong Platform)

Singer - Epic AI TVs - SLE49U5, SLE65Q3, etc

Sinotec (Skyworth Platform)

Skyworth - G6, Q3, G2 etc

Smart Tech - SMT65A8PUC2M1B1, SMT55F30UC2M1B1, etc

Smartever - SA43G 43, SA55G 55, SA65G 65, etc

Soniq - G32HW60A, G43FW60A, etc

Sony - Bravia (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020)

Syinix - 32A1S, 43A1S, 50A1S, 55A1S, etc

TCL - X1 & X2, P60, C70, C2, P2M, etc

Techwood - TK58UHDADITM20

Tesla - S901, S903, S905 Series, etc

theham - U431UHD, U501UHD, U553UHD, U553QLED, U651UHD, U651QLED, U751UHD

Truvii - IS651UHD

Turbo-X by Plaisio - TXV-U4380SMT, U5080SMT, U5580SMT, U6580SMT, etc

Umaxx - Ai50, Ai65

United - 32DH90A

Vestel - 55UA8990, 55UB9690

Vivax - 49UHD96T2S2SM, 55UHD96T2S2SM

Vsmart - 55KE8500, 49KE8100, etc

Vu Televisions - 43SU128, 49SU131, 55SU138, etc

Xiaomi - Mi 4 PRO, Mi 4A PRO, Mi 4C PRO, etc